Keep Coming Back – KCB


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I originally wrote Keep Coming Back in 1991 living at Dream Power Ranch in Elbert Colorado, a part of The Dream Power Foundation/PAALS For Life non-profit animal rescue . There I was bartering for rent mucking stalls, feeding horses and dogs on the ranch in early recovery. I have always been thankful for that experience of just doing some honest labor as I was getting on my feet. The new born foals would come up and nuzzle me smelling my hair as I would work. It all seemed to ground me as I would daily participate in my own program at The Serenity Club in Colorado Springs. Now in 2015 after many Smooth Jazz releases, I have gone back to my roots musically in a Rock fashion with vocals and given birth to this long awaited idea. Always under the partnership and guidance of trusted musical partners and with additional creative input from dear friend Patty McPeck-Powers, the song now comes to life. My greatest desire is that it gives something back in some small way to all THAT which had sustained me and ALL THOSE whom have supported me on my path.

Thank you to the Men whom have guided me along the way: Walter, John, Robbie, Butch, Art and Tom. To Diane for giving me the home and space to get on my feet. To the closed mouth and Dear friends Joseph, Jason, Eddie, Doris, Marianne and sisters Aleda and Melissa. To my dear friend Tim and the Ladies of Bridges for inadvertently challenging me to face my self centered fears of not being a songbird, lol, and to realize that the tune and it’s message was more important than my ego’s concerns about my voice… as I heard clearly in meditation “get over yourself! ” For my friends at SEA, York, Orchard, and Gratitude clubs, the “Riders” in CSC, and friends in Denver, Aurora, Armonk, Sarasota, and Charlotte. “There is a gift in the Rooms with your name on it, but only you can unwrap it!”  I hope until that day and beyond that we all just Keep Coming Back.

Love to ALL, Joel.

(Any problem downloading the new tune just email me at and I will personally facilitate the order.)